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When building a lake there are several things to keep in mind. As a professional excavating company with years of experience in the Evansville, Henderson, and Mount Vernon area it is our job to know the best placement and building techniques to ensure long lasting beautifully designed lakes.

Things only experience can tell you:

– Knowing your “Dirt”
Accurate knowledge of soil type and texture are key to building a strong key way.

– Building a Strong Keyway
Having an accurately built keyway is the second step in ensuring your lake maintains it’s water level and does not develop a leak.

Proper compaction of this area will help to hold your water where it needs to be.

– Where to place my lake
Most people think the perfect area to build a lake is in a valley or low spot on the property. This area already collects water, so, why not? Since the ground in these areas are lower, the water from other areas on the property are likely to be directed here and cause your ground to ‘wash’. If the lake is at the base of these low areas and is not properly designed or built your lake can quickly fill with silt and cause more issues down the road.

Rebuild Leaky Dam / Lake Remediation
If the above issues were not addressed initially by your previous Excavating company, fear not. We also rebuild and repair lake dams that are causing your “leaky lake”. Call today for a free Estimate on building a long lasting lake or to fix one that may be having some issues.

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